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Real-Ear Measurements

Real-ear measurements provide a method for objectively assessing the accuracy of a hearing aid fitting.  The purpose behind real ear measurements is that individual ears are very different from one patient to the next, and those differences have a major affect on the benefit a hearing aid provides to the wearer.  The only way to truly account for those individual ear differences is to take a physical measurement of how the hearing aid is amplifying sound.  Real ear measurements make this possible and that is why they are considered the "gold standard" method for achieving a proper hearing aid fit.    

To conduct these measurements, a small microphone is placed in the ear canal near the eardrum while the user wears the hearing aid.  Various sounds such as speech and music are then presented.  While the hearing aid processes and amplifies the various sounds, the resulting output from the hearing aid is measured in real time at the level of the ear-drum.  Once these measurements are completed, they are compared to known, empirically verified prescriptions for sound levels that are unique and based on a patient's individual hearing profile.  Using this data, adjustments to the hearing aids can then be reliably made to insure that the widest possible range of speech sounds are audible.  This also helps to insure that soft sounds can be heard and that loud incoming sounds are not over-amplified.    

At The Hearing Group of New Mexico, we utilize the Audioscan Verifit VF-1 Real Ear Measurement system, which is highly sophisticated and widely recognized as the industry standard equipment for performing real ear measurements.  The system even has the capability to objectively measure many of the advanced features available in modern hearing instruments such as directional microphones, noise reduction systems, and digital feedback management.    

Live speech mapping using prescription-based fitting targets is part of best practice and should be included as a vital aspect of every hearing aid fitting.  The fact is, it is impossible to accurately predict that an individual's prescription has been achieved without conducting these measurements.  At The Hearing Group of New Mexico, Real Ear Measurements are an important part of our hearing instrument fitting protocol.

The benefit of this technology for our patients is improved clarity, better sound quality, fewer follow-up visits, and the peace of mind of knowing that your hearing instruments are optimized and providing you with maximum benefit.