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The Hearing Group of New Mexico

The Hearing Group of New Mexico

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Prevalence of Self-Reported Falls Increases Since 1998 in Adults Over 65 – 0.8 days ago

The prevalence among adults 65 years or older of falling in the preceding two years has increased since 1998, according to a research letter published online by JAMA…

Hearing Aids May Improve Balance – 2.8 days ago

By Julia Evangelou Strait
Enhancing hearing appears to improve balance in older adults with hearing loss, according to new research from Washington University School of…

New Version of Common Antibiotic Could Eliminate Risk of Hearing Loss, Study Finds – 4.8 days ago

A study in mice has found that a commonly used antibiotic can be modified to eliminate the risk that it will cause hearing loss.
On Christmas Eve, 2002, Bryce Faber was…

ASL Version of 'Let It Go' Released on Sunday – 1 week ago

RIT/NTID co-sponsors the video.
Two graduates from Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf whose performances have been viewed by…

Blocking Notch Pathway Leads to New Route to Hair Cell Regeneration to Restore Hearing – 1.3 weeks ago

Study published in PNAS Early Edition.
Boston (Dec. 22, 2014) - Sensory hair cell loss is the major cause of hearing loss and balance disorders. The postnatal mammalian…

National Academy of Engineering Announces Winners of the 2015 Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize – 1.5 weeks ago

The National Academy of Engineering recently announced that the 2015 Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize will be given to Blake S. Wilson, Graeme M. Clark, Erwin Hochmair,...

Federal Bill to Improve Veterans' Hearing Healthcare Reintroduced – 1.8 weeks ago

WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 16, 2015 - The International Hearing Society (IHS) today announced the re-introduction of bi-partisan federal legislation that seeks to…

NIDCD Audiology Unit Enhances Research, Care of Patients with Niemann-Pick C Disease – 2.1 weeks ago

A new agreement announced January 7 between researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a biotechnology company provides funding to continue an important…

AG Bell College Scholarship Program – Thu, Jan 15th 2015

About the Program
Thanks to generous donations from individuals over the years, AG Bell is able to offer several scholarships for full-time students who have a…

Finding Steady Ground: Insight Into the Cause of Severe Balance Disorder Brings Promising Therapeutic Approach – Tue, Jan 13th 2015

By Kirstie Saltsman, Ph.D.
Many of us have experienced the feeling of swaying, rocking, or bobbing after stepping off a boat. But for some people, the sensation, commonly called…

Worse Lower-, Higher-Frequency Hearing in HIV+ Adults – Sun, Jan 11th 2015

Adults with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV+) had poorer lower- and higher-frequency hearing than adults without HIV infection, according to a report published online…

Dogs Hear our Words and How We Say Them – Fri, Jan 9th 2015

When people hear another person talking to them, they respond not only to what is being said—those consonants and vowels strung together into words and sentences—but also to…

Diagnosing Deafness Early Will Help Teenagers' Reading Development – Wed, Jan 7th 2015

Deaf teenagers have better reading skills if they were identified as deaf by the time they were nine months old, research from the University of Southampton has shown.

Quiet as a Mouse, but so Much to Hear – Mon, Jan 5th 2015

UB researcher finds that mice discriminate partial sounds just as humans do with partial words.
BUFFALO, N.Y. — Micheal L. Dent, a University at Buffalo psychologist,...

Vitamin Supplement Successfully Prevents Noise-Induced Hearing Loss – Sat, Jan 3rd 2015

Loss of hearing is linked to a decrease in a critical cellular protein, and elevating the activity of this protein could prevent noise-induced hearing loss, as well as…

Scientists Create New System That Could be Used to Treat Deafness, Other Genetic Conditions – Fri, Jan 2nd 2015

Mass. Eye and Ear, Harvard team describe findings in Oct. 30 Nature Biotechnology.
BOSTON, MASS. (Oct. 31, 2014) — A team of Harvard and Massachusetts Eye and Ear…

TSRI Researchers Find how Mutant Gene Can Cause Deafness – Tue, Dec 30th 2014

LA JOLLA, CA – November 20, 2014 - Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered how one gene is essential to hearing, uncovering a cause of deafness…

RIT/NTID Grad Helps Improve Lives Around the World – Sun, Dec 28th 2014

A curiosity about a college campus more than 6,600 miles from his home nearly 20 years ago has led Minoru Yoshida to improve the lives of deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing…

Self-reported Cognitive Difficulties Better for Patients with Tinnitus in Clinical Trial – Fri, Dec 26th 2014

Using the medication D-cycloserine in conjunction with a computer-assisted cognitive training (CT) program to try to improve the bother of tinnitus (persistent ringing in the…

Ears and Hearing Effects Continue to Reverberate after Boston Marathon Bombing – Wed, Dec 24th 2014

Study shows continued follow up and care of this patient population is warranted.
Boston (Nov. 14, 2014) - After two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston…