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The Hearing Group of New Mexico

The Hearing Group of New Mexico

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Los Angeles Medical Team Performs California's First Auditory Brainstem Implant Surgery on Toddler at Children's Hospital Los An – 1.8 days ago

3-year-old Canadian boy hears for first time after device activation at Keck Medicine of USC. LOS ANGELES—(BUSINESS WIRE)—A Los Angeles team of scientists and surgeons from…

RIT/NTID Team Wins NAD College Bowl – 3.8 days ago

Collegiate teams competed at the National Association of the Deaf convention in Atlanta.
For the second consecutive time, a team from Rochester Institute of Technology’s…

Infants Benefit from Implants with More Frequency Sounds – 5.8 days ago

Research Shows 6-Month-Olds’ Ability to Understand Speech Improves When They Hear Less Distortion.
May 19, 2014 - A new study from a UT Dallas researcher…

Margaret Wallhagen, Ph.D., Named Chairperson of Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Board of Trustees – 1.1 weeks ago

Margaret Wallhagen, Ph.D., of Mill Valley, California, has been named chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), the…

Henry Ford Announces Two Clinical Trials for Tinnitus – 1.4 weeks ago

Henry Ford Seeks Tinnitus Patients for Vagal Nerve Stimulation Clinical Trial
Henry Ford Health System is one of four sites worldwide recruiting patients for a clinical trial…

UI Study Shows Hippocampus is Involved in Language Processing, May Help Treat Alzheimer's – 1.7 weeks ago

The hippocampus is no longer just for memory.
University of Iowa researchers show that this brain region is involved in language processing as well, possibly providing…

Game Technology Teaches Mice and Men to Hear Better in Noisy Environments – 2 weeks ago

Audiogames may provide the hearing impaired with an improved ability to reconnect to the auditory world.
Boston (June 9, 2014) - The ability to hear soft speech in a…

Hearing Protein Required to Convert Sound into Brain Signals – Sun, Jul 13th 2014

HEIDELBERG, 17 June 2014 - A specific protein found in the bridge-like structures that make up part of the auditory machinery of the inner ear is essential for…

Cocktail Party Neuroscience: Making Sense of Voices in a Crowd – Fri, Jul 11th 2014

The role of prediction and attention in understanding of speech.
Listening to a conversation in the context of a cocktail party presents a great challenge for the auditory…

ASHA Wins Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation From Public Relations Society of America – Wed, Jul 9th 2014

Association Recognized for Identify the Signs Campaign PSAs.
(Rockville, MD – June 4, 2014)- The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has received a 2014 Bronze…

Ida Institute Introduces Teens and Tweens Dilemma Game to Help Clinicians Navigate Unique Challenges of the Teenage Years – Mon, Jul 7th 2014

Naerum, DK  July 1 - The early teen or “tween” and teenage years can be a challenging time for any young person.  When hearing loss is added to…

Get in the Loop & Support Hearing Loop Awareness Week – Mon, Jul 7th 2014

UK hearing loss charity, Hearing Link, is looking to generate greater understanding and awareness of hearing loops during a dedicated week this month.
Hearing Loop Awareness…

Hearing Quality Restored with Bionic Ear Technology Used for Gene Therapy – Sat, Jul 5th 2014

Existing cochlear technology used in a new way to re-grow auditory nerve.
Researchers at UNSW Australia have for the first time used electrical pulses delivered from a cochlear…

Simulated Blindness Can Help Revive Hearing, Researchers Find – Thu, Jul 3rd 2014

Minimizing a person’s sight for as little as a week may help improve the brain’s ability to process hearing, neuroscientists have found.
Hey-Kyoung Lee, an associate professor…

International Communication Project 2014 Gains Support From 40 New Organizations Around the Globe – Thu, Jul 3rd 2014

Rockville, MD USA - Following a “Month of Action” this past May by the International Communication Project (ICP) 2014 www.communication2014.com, some…

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Urges Public to Protect Hearing During July 4th Fireworks – Wed, Jul 2nd 2014

Celebrate Safely and Plan Ahead So That Fireworks and Other Loud Noises Do Not Cause Permanent Damage.
Rockville, MD – June 30, 2014 - As the Fourth of July holiday draws…

U.Va. Discovery May Point to Way to Restore Hearing Loss Caused by Sound, Age – Tue, Jul 1st 2014

The ability to discern pitch – to hear the difference between “cat,” “bat” and “hat,” for example – hinges on remarkable…

Rhythmic Bursts of Electrical Activity from Cells in Ear Teach Brain How to Hear – Sun, Jun 29th 2014

PITTSBURGH, May 21, 2014 - A precise rhythm of electrical impulses transmitted from cells in the inner ear coaches the brain how to hear, according to a new study led…

IU Researchers Identify Pattern of Cognitive Risks in Some Children with Cochlear Implants – Fri, Jun 27th 2014

INDIANAPOLIS - Children with profound deafness who receive a cochlear implant had as much as five times the risk of having delays in areas of working memory, controlled…

Global Research is Vital for Deafness, Speech Disorders – Wed, Jun 25th 2014

May / June 2014 – Volume 13, Issue 3 - A Pakistani baby never hears her mother sing and a Cameroon teen who stutters is teased by peers. They both struggle with…